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About Our Founder

Jim founded MWPolitical in January 2017 after spending 7 years at Mobilewalla.  As a mobile industry veteran he recognized the opportunity to bring cutting edge technologies to the political arena.

Jim attended the University of Georgia and spent his early career in enterprise software and consumer product marketing.  He lives in Atlanta with his wife Janna and two daughters Ellie and Olivia.   


About MWPolitical - A Global Leader in Consumer Data


Mobile devices and their users, are inherently less predictive than users on desktops and laptops. As a result, mobile consumer behavior is harder to track and more difficult to interpret.  MWPolitical has created an entirely new class of data science techniques to peel away this “cloak of invisibility”, enabling marketers to achieve 1-to-1 addressability of consumers on mobile.


For political campaigns, we provide the most robust and accurate voter file matching in the business.  Data matching includes mobile device IDs, IP addresses, and now Smart TVs.

Voter File Matching

Mobile Device/IP Address/Smart TV Matching 

Every campaign starts with data matching to your voter file.  The process is simple.  Send us the addresses you want separated by segment, then we "harvest" the device IDs, IP addresses, and now Smart TVs for ad targeting and re-targeting.  

Custom Device Segments

Using MWP's proprietary technology, we are able to target individuals based off of where they shop, go to church, go to school, where they travel, what sports team they follow, or what rallies they attend.  Want to find Independents that also visit gun ranges?  We've got you covered.


Digital Strategy

We know digital.  Having served global brands and hundreds of political efforts for over a decade, we know a thing or two about the most effective digital strategy.  Important things such as which video styles command the highest completion rates, when you should start running GOTV banners, or which are the highest performing Private Marketplaces to purchase inventory. Let us plan your paid digital efforts and reach:

  • The Right Voters

  • In the Right Context

  • With Maximum Frequency

  • With Minimal Wastage


Mobile Ads

All American age groups now spend a majority of their screen time on mobile devices - smartphone and tablets. It's also proven that mobile ads (video and rich media), have the highest recall rates in advertising.  If your campaign isn't using mobile as a key platform, you are missing the boat. 

MWPolitical takes the guesswork out of mobile advertising.  We will fully manage every aspect of your mobile effort.  We plan, target, and execute programmatic mobile campaigns targeting voters from your voter file on all major platforms including Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, and Google Display.  And most importantly, in the right context.  Hard R's will receive different ads than soft R's, etc.

Desktop Ads

Desktop advertising is an effective way to target and re-target voters.  However, most desktop buyers target users by media type, estimated demographics, or location using zip codes.  With MWP's Voter IP Mapping technology, you can now take advantage of laser-focused, true cross device targeting, even down to single IP addresses.  


Traditional & OTT Placements

TV/OTT Media Planning & Buying

We are excited to announce TV planning and placement for the 2019 and 2020 cycles.  Introducing MWPanel, the most advanced TV/OTT targeting tool available on the market.  More advanced than Nielsen and Comscore, MWPanel combines location data prowess with automated content recognition (ACR) data from over 15 million smart TVs. This revolutionary data partnership expands TV viewing measurement well past the capabilities of the gold standards in commercial TV planning. In addition to the MWPanel, we have added a stable of commercial TV buyers with over 45 years of planning and buying experience. 


Creative Services

MWP provides full creative services for our clients including digital ad creation (static and video), video production services, branding, and websites (this site and are a few examples).   The only thing we don't provide is organic social media services/posting as that is best left up to the campaign team (authenticity is paramount).  

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